Tembusu Kids Program

An educational space for

pre-schoolers to learn  about sustainability


Our Goals


Our children are the future and we only want what's best for them. With the growing force of climate change, will this be possible? With this in mind, we believe it is important to actively engage and educate our young ones on the importance of sustainability.


We understand the importance of children in our fight for a greener Earth. Our program will allow for children to understand and adopt sustainable habits for life. Let us work hand-in-hand with our children towards a better future. 

Teacher and Kids in Library
Pinwheel Kids


with our environment

Allow your child to learn about the importance of the environment. Having a deeper connection with our surroundings helps in creating lifelong habits.   

Kids in the Garden


the world around us

An integral part of learning is experiencing. Your child will join us on various outdoor adventures and will experience 

sustainability in-action.

through engaging programs


Our programs are curated with your child in mind. Join us to learn and experience the importance of sustainability.

Kids in Vegetable Farm


our love for the Earth

We are a passionate team 

dedicated and committed to sustainability. We want your child to understand the importance of a green future. 

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“She really enjoyed the workshop. She told everyone what she saw and what it was about. And she keeps asking me when the next workshop is too! She had a great understanding on what it was about as well, which was great "

A parent on “Little Insect Farmer Interactive Story Telling Session” Workshop

“Yeah they really do (love the workshop). I did a video call with them to find out how they liked it and they loved it“

Principal of Jeet’s Learners on “Garbage to Cleaner” workshop

“She did (learn something from the workshop)! She had fun and was excited “growing”her own rice and plants. She told me she’s gonna get our helper to cook brown rice for her tonight"

"Great job! The teachers are very enthusiastic and engaging!"

"Thank you for the great vibes! Very interactive!"

"Thank you ! Great job V engaging and fun for the kids 😄"

"Its very interesting and we enjoyed it! Thank YOU!"

Parents on "Food Waste Adventure" online workshop 

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