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We hope to work with like-minded individuals and companies to drive awareness to a more sustainable world. Below are some of the ways you can be involved.

Family Farming

Sponsor our Programs

Tembusu Kids seeks partnerships that will help in raising awareness of, and increasing funds that will go towards financing our program’s needs. These partnerships will support our company and allow for us to spread greater awareness of the nature of our programs. This will help greatly in contributing to our sustainability mission. 


Types of sponsorship partnerships

Tembusu CSR will work closely with regards to partnerships formed in order to ensure alignment of goals and effective spread of our sustainability cause. 


We hope to engage in various types of sponsorship partnerships but we are focusing on: 

  • Cause-Related Marketing Promotions

Reach out and effectively target our audience, employees and future prospects by promoting causes that speak to their hearts. 

  • Sponsorship

Gain traction and be able to show your support of sustainability through sponsoring Tembusu’s programs and events.


Collaborate with Us:

Should you be interested in exploring a sponsorship partnership with us, please contact us at:

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Be a Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about the Earth, the sustainability mission and those who wish to contribute their skills to this cause. We need volunteers who are able to lend their help in the following aspects: 

  • Writing

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Graphic Design

  • Event Management

Editorial Design

Contribute Ideas

Individuals like parents and teachers can also help by contributing your ideas to us. Should you have any suggestions on what can be done to further educate your children about sustainability, or should you believe a particular topic to be especially important, feel free to contribute your ideas via our Facebook group. All suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated. They will help in educating our young ones about the fight for a sustainable future. 


Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our program

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