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About Us

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Kids with Capes

Our Program

Our program is catered to the curious minds of young children. It includes informative content and engaging activities that allow children to understand and inculcate sustainable habits they can follow for life. 

We focus on how children (despite their young age) are able to take individual steps in fighting climate change, and take into account what they are capable of. Our lessons are catered to their needs and their ability of understanding. 

Our experienced and competent facilitators are qualified in interacting with children. They are passionate about the environment and hope to impart their knowledge to the children. 

We have a flexible program that offers both in-class and online sessions to suit your child's various learning needs. 

Gardening Lesson

Experiential Learning

Our program understands the importance of hands-on experience in learning. Nothing is better than being able to touch, play, create and experience first-hand the different ways sustainability can play out. We offer different craft activities and have exciting outdoor adventures planned throughout the program.

Such experiences will allow your child to deeply understand the meaning behind our program's sustainability message and bring such knowledge to life. 

Experiential learning tells a story, of how your child is engaged, how our program has engaged and what they can do to be more engaged. 

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