We curate and work with like-minded companies in the sustainability space to bring one-of-a-kind programs for the young learners. Do check us out from time to time as we continue to expand our programs


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Children looking at Black Soldier Flies

Format: 1) Face to Face or 2) Online

Duration: 1hr

Tiny but mighty! Get up close and buggy with insects as the little ones learn through an interactive storytelling session. Follow Miki, a little girl who is on a mission to banish food waste - and meets the most unlikely superheroes, insects!


This activity features Insectta's signature ‘blind bag’ storytelling activity, where children get to interact with mystery boxes on their tables as the story evolves in real time. Be prepared for lots of surprises, sensory play, and learning!



  • Learn about food waste and insect farming with kid-friendly explanations

  • Interactive “blind bag” storytelling style

  • Learn through engaging sensory play

The Little Insect Farmer Interactive Storytelling Session

worms worms worms

Worms, worms, worms!

Format: 1) Face to Face 

Duration: 1hr

Vermicompost (or Worm Compost) is the process of using earthworms to breakdown kitchen and garden waste, to create a faster than normal composting.


Children will be taught about worms, how to look after worms and how they help in reducing organic waste


Format: 1) Face to Face 

Duration: 1hr

In this workshop, children will learn innovative methods to reduce plastic waste. 

Children will learn how to repurpose plastic waste and convert them into a planter that requires minimal watering and does not attract mosquitoes.

They will be amazed by this little science project. Hopefully, this take home kit will be the start of their urban farming journey!

Self Watering Soda Planter

eco enzyme.jpg

From Garbage to Cleaner

Format: 1) Face to Face or 2) Online

Duration: 1hr


Another name for eco-enzyme is garbage enzyme. It is a multipurpose liquid that is produced from the fermentation of organic waste.


In this interactive session, we teach children how to use food waste and convert them into cleaning detergent. Other functions of eco-friendly liquid include fruit and vegetable cleaner, insect repellent and plant fertilizer.

Children will be amazed by watching the fermentation process