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Rice pests

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Hi, my name is Paddy.

To support your learner's rice growing journey, we have uploaded  some pictures of pests you might encounter at the rice planters.

Remove them when you spot them

Leaf folder

Leaf folder caterpillars fold a rice leaf around themselves and attach the leaf margins together with silk strands.

leaf folder 4.jpg


Birds love rice grains. They will stand on the rice plants while consuming the grains,  resulting in bent and damage stems


Rice bug

rice bug.jpg

Rice bugs damage rice by sucking out the contents of developing grains from pre-flowering spikelets to soft dough stage, therefore causing unfilled or empty grains and discoloration. Immature and adult rice bugs both feed on rice grains.

Mealy bugs

mealy bugs.jpg

Both adult and nymph mealybugs remove plant sap by sucking. This results in curling of leaves and wilting of plants.


Stem borers can destroy rice at any stage of the plant from seedling to maturity. They feed upon tillers and causes deadhearts or drying of the central tiller, during vegetative stage; and causes whiteheads at reproductive stage.



Rats cut or pull up transplanted plants. They also chop down the young seedlings. At booting stage, they feed on rice panicles. On the other hand, during ripening stage, they feed on developing rice grains.

rat 1.png


Snails eat young and emerging rice plants.

snail 1.jpg


Midges are small insects that do not bite or spread diseases, and are often mistaken for mosquitoes

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