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Rice Growing Journey 

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Dear teachers, 
We hope you will have an exciting rice growing journey with your students. 

We hope through this journey, everyone will have empathy for farmers, understand it takes time, effort and resources to grow rice and start reducing food waste. 

Watch this video to see the meaning of this project and the reflections from our learners:


Instructions on
how to germinate rice seeds

Right soil consistency

How to germinate seeds - Step 1

Germinate the seeds in a flat container

Flat container.jpg
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Do not stack the seeds in a small container. They need to breathe

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small container.jpg
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How to germinate seeds - Step 2

On the first 2 days of seed germination,  place them in a dark place. Do remember to allow air flow in this dark place as the seeds need oxygen to germinate. Change the water daily.

Open space.jpg

Open area but not dark place!

closed space.jpg

If you put them in a cupboard (dark place) do NOT  close the door. They need air!

How to germinate seeds - Step 3

After 2 days, place the seedlings in a location with access to sunlight. Reduce the amount of water to just covering the seedlings. Make sure the roots are submerge in water and not dried up

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This group placed their seedlings beside a window that doesn't have much sunlight.

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An example of where you should place the seedlings - under the sun. 

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This is the amount of water you should put in the container. Make sure the seedlings  are not completely submerge in water. Change water daily. 

This group did not check the water level when put under direct sunlight. The seedlings shriveled and died.

When to transplant?

After 14 to 21 days, they are ready to be transplanted into a big pot with soil

2 leaves.jpg

When you see 2 leaves, they are ready to move into a bigger container!

Summary of how to germinate rice seeds

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