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Want to learn more about sustainability with your learners at your own time? Our interactive lessons are designed to make learning fun and exciting. 

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Learn More about United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals from our 6 Junior Earth Heroes

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Owlivia the Owl

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Owlivia, represent 3 of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. (4) Quality Education, (5) Gender Equality and (13) Climate Action. Owlivia is an intelligent girl that can discuss anything under the sun with you. She strongly believes in saving the planet and does not hesitate in sharing her knowledge. She is also passionate about gender-equality, striving for a world where all genders can be on equal fighting ground. Owlivia strives to put her goals into action. She wants other children to be able to receive and appreciate quality education, be knowledgable about climate change and gender equality. 


Tammy the Turtle

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Tammy represents the following Sustainability Development Goals: (6) Clean Water and Sanitisation, (7) Affordable and Clean Energy, (10) Reduced Inequalities. Tammy loves her life in the sea and is dedicated to spreading the message on the importance of clean water. She is a chatty girl and her conversations often revolve topics that deal with solutions towards a greener Earth. Oh and she is also a strong believer in equality and believes the growing income inequality around the world is concerning. Her kind-nature makes her a popular girl out at sea. 


Spikey the Hedgehog

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Spikey represents 3 of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals, namely: (3) Good Health and Well Being, (15) Life on Land and (16) Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Spikey’s personal characteristics embody these goals and he puts these goals into actions through in his daily lives. Spikey is a kind creature that stands for anything eco-friendly. He is brave to stand up against those that harm other beings and the environment. His love for the environment and other beings, as well as his ability to stand up against “bullies” make him a great ambassador for the sustainability movement! 


Betty the Bee

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Betty the Bee’s personality aligns with the following Sustainability Developmental Goals: (2) Zero Hunger, (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth, (11) Sustainable Cities and Communities. As a pollinator herself, Betty understands the importance of food since she directly contributes to the production of food. However, her current situation is dire seeing that many the food sources that she manages (plants, flowers in nature) have been taken away, which explains why she is passionate about ensuring that cities and communities are sustainable. Finally, since bees are well-known for their work-ethic, Betty hopes that she will be able to inspire others to do well with the work that they do and contribute meaningfully to society


Wally the Whale

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Wally represent the following 2 of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals, (9) Industry Innovation and Infrastructure and (14) Life below Water. Wally is a cool dude that thoroughly enjoys his life under the water, thus his passion in ensuring that seas, oceans, lakes, rivers (actually all bodies of water) are kept clean. He wants to make sure that despite the advances in various industries, none of them will threaten where he and his friends live. 


Adam the Orang Utan

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 Adam stands for the following Sustainability Developmental Goals: (1) Poverty, (12) Responsible Consumption and Production, (17) Partnerships for the Goals. Being an ape, Adam’s family is strongly knit much like us humans. He believes that creating strong relations is an important part to sustaining the longevity of our Earth. He was also taught from young that he should be responsible in his consumption so that other baby orang Utans would have enough bananas to eat! He was also brought up next to a family that was unfortunately struggling with poverty and he hopes to make use of his knowledge to help combat worldwide poverty! 

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