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We curate and work with like-minded companies in the sustainability space to bring one-of-a-kind programs for the young learners. Do check us out from time to time as we continue to expand our programs


Contact us if you would like to include these workshops in your school's curriculum


Growing Rice, Reduce Food Waste

Age group: Upper Primary & Secondary

Duration: 5 to 6 months

This hands on program teaches children how to grow rice. Through the process of rice growing, students learn about sustainability and food waste. 

Read more about this program here:

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Reducing Food Waste with Rice Farmer 

Age group: Pre-school to Secondary

Duration: 1 hr

Through an interactive story telling session led by Betty the Bee and Amy, learners will appreciate the efforts in growing food.


Through video, games and storytelling, learners will get to appreciate the backbreaking work of farmers, see the different variety of rice as well as understand the different growth stages of rice plants.


Design Thinking - How to Reduce Waste 

Age group:  Upper Primary

Duration: 6 x 2 hr lessons

Using Design Thinking process, students will learn about waste and the process of design thinking. They will create prototypes to solve waste issues and test their prototypes. 

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Storytelling + Plastic Waste

Age group: Pre-school & lower primary

Duration: 1hr

Human generates large amount of waste and plastic waste is one of the biggest biggest waste. 

Through our interactive storytelling workshop, children will appreciate our environment and learn to reduce plastic waste.

Fabric Waste

Age group: Upper primary & Secondary

Duration: 6 x 1hr


Singapore's recycling rate of fabric is at a dismal 4%. What are the resources that are needed to produce the clothes we wear? This interactive workshop will help students understand the importance of reducing fabric waste

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From Garbage to Cleaner

Age group: Pre-school & lower primary

Duration: 1hr


Another name for eco-enzyme is garbage enzyme. It is a multipurpose liquid that is produced from the fermentation of organic waste.


In this interactive session, we teach children how to use food waste and convert them into cleaning detergent. Other functions of eco-friendly liquid include fruit and vegetable cleaner, insect repellent and plant fertilizer.

Children will be amazed by watching the fermentation process

Age group: Pre-school and lower primary 

Duration: 1hr

In this workshop, children will learn innovative methods to reduce plastic waste. 

Children will learn how to repurpose plastic waste and convert them into a planter that requires minimal watering and does not attract mosquitoes.

They will be amazed by this little science project. Hopefully, this take home kit will be the start of their urban farming journey!

Self Watering Soda Planter


Age group: Pre-school & lower primary

Duration: 1hr

Black soldier fly insect larvae can just eat about any organic waste!

Children will interact with the insects and understand how they can help reduce food waste 

Insect Superhero 


Assembly Talk

Assembly talk - anchor green.jpeg

Age group: Primary & secondary schools

Duration: 1hr

We deliver presentations about a range of sustainability subjects. To solidify these concepts, children engage in games during their recess time.

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