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Online Learning Program


Want to learn more about sustainability with your learners at your own time? Our interactive lessons are designed to make learning fun and exciting. 

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Learn More about United Nations' Sustainability Development Goals from our Junior Earth Hero

Meet our first earth hero Owlivia on how she and her friends deal with the topics of Quality Education, Gender Equality and Climate Action

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Owlivia the Owl

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Owlivia, represent 3 of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. (4) Quality Education, (5) Gender Equality and (13) Climate Action. Owlivia is an intelligent girl that can discuss anything under the sun with you. She strongly believes in saving the planet and does not hesitate in sharing her knowledge. She is also passionate about gender-equality, striving for a world where all genders can be on equal fighting ground. Owlivia strives to put her goals into action. She wants other children to be able to receive and appreciate quality education, be knowledgable about climate change and gender equality. 

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